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Image by Emilio Garcia


The Teen World Cup is the only high school international soccer World Cup tournament for girls. It has been founded to provide college-aspirant, high school players with international opportunities and the most comprehensive package of college application benefits.

In the span of one week, players will enjoy:

  • An international FIFA event with multiple nations represented

  • A college showcase featuring scouting college coaches from ALL Divisions with potential Letters of Intent

  • The opportunity for professional recruiting video production as it's vital to have a recruiting video produced professionally to be recruited (the quality of the video plays a big role in the scholarship that the athlete will obtain)

  • 10 hours of community service through the Anguilla Soccer Federation community camps (these community service hours will help with the college application of the student)

  • A Caribbean cultural experience in the island voted #1 by World Travelers Magazine

  • Incredible island excursions and beach activities

  • Culinary experiences designed by private chef

  • Memorable friendships and bonding experiences with players from around the Caribbean

  • An international event to put on their college application

  • One unforgettable week in paradise with beachfront access to world-renowned Rendezvous Bay

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


In the race to stand out in the college recruitment industry, bigger is always better. Most high school soccer players play travel team and school league matches in their area to build their resume. International competition did not exist at the high school level until now.

With the Teen World Cup, participants will get the International World Cup Competition Stamp on their application and will get to perform in front of eager recruiters ready to hire.

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